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Information About Registry Easy

Nowadays, there are various Windows Registry Cleaners that can be purchased in the market or downloaded from the World Wide Web and one of these is Registry Easy. This well-known registry cleaner program is an award-winning utility that scans the registry of a personal computer and picks out unwanted keys or entries, which cause a computer to be corrupted that may lead to system slowdown or breakdown.

As mentioned, there are different registry cleaners but these utilities are said to have the same purpose or function and although this is true, there are some registry cleaners that are more effective than others and Registry Easy has proven to be one of the sought after cleaners of a computer’s registry. This recently released cleaner program has a current version of 5.6 and has a file size of 4.22 megabytes. It uses an excellent performing detection algorithm, which quickly locates and picks out invalid or missing keys and entries in the registry of a computer. The user will not have a hard time to know what causes his or her registry to be corrupted since this registry cleaner program only entails the user to do few simple steps. After which, it automatically scans the whole registry and provide the user a list of errors found in the registry where the user can choose to delete or repair all or selected keys and entries that cause the corruption.

It cannot be avoided that there could be a time when the user or even the system will commit a mistake on repairing an entry or a key. With the use of this award-winning program, the user will not have to worry about this scenario as it comes with a backup mechanism for recovery requirements.

To perfectly understand the functions of this cleaner program, here are its detailed features and benefits. Aside from a high-performance scanning of the registry, this registry cleaner program is also a junk files cleaner, duplicate file cleaner and evidence cleaner. It is also a system optimizer and checks invalid user software settings, system software settings and application paths. Apart from these invalid software settings, this registry easy also checks invalid class keys, ActiveX, OLE and COM, font, shared known DLL’s, shortcuts, startup programs, start menu items and file associations. In addition, it checks system service, deletes empty registry keys, organizes startup items and provides the system an automatic update.

In cleaning, fixing or repairing the errors that the Registry Easy trial detects, the computer will surely be like brand new. Although not all registry problems can be detected by thiscleaner program, it is believed to be able to detect most of the problems of a registry. In effect, it regains disk space, prevents computer slowdown, hang-ups and crashes and it quickly loads, launches and runs programs or applications. Moreover, this cleaner program provides a user of an unlimited free technical support, which will be beneficial especially for those who are novice in a computer registry.

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